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Aachener Kreuz

During the last 20 years many new firms took up residence in the industrial area around the traffic junction that is also called ‚Aachener Kreuz‘ though it is completely inside the border line of the city of Würselen. Among them international carriers, computer manufacturers and many enterprises that need short ways to their national and international customers and partners.aachenerkreuzarkaden

However, the ‘Aachener Kreuz’ is not only an industrial area it is also a centre of commerce and parts of it are developing towards ‘The Mall’ of the so-called Euregio which 1 million people can reach in between half an hour and 2 Million people in between one hour.

European unification

For example, the Aachener Kreuz is the regional centre for competing furnishing houses providing more than 10.000 m² of exhibition and sales area.

Würselen benefits a lot from the proceeding unification of Europe granting free trade across the borders to Netherlands and Belgium and it will widely benefit from Euroland and the one currency still to come. Considering these advantages, Würselen is planning to enlarge the ‘Aachener Kreuz’ though there still are free areas for rent.

 The RWTH Aachen

Though Würselen and Aachen are competitors for a millennium, they both supplement each other in many ways. Aachen host one of most important Technical Universities of Europe the ‘Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen’ where more than 40.000 students and 5.000 scientists and researchers work together in all fields of physics, chemistry, engineering computer technology and medicine. In conjunction with the KFA Jülich where also 1000 researches are challenging modern techniques, Würselen can be found just in the middle of these two centres of technology and knowledge. Würselen naturally benefits from the spin off of all the institutes and research centres and their international connections.


Aachen supplies lifestyle in many ways. The old centre with ist narrow streets the famous Aachener Dom and the Rathaus built in the first millenium where kings were crowned is the stage for many activities. Small restaurants, cafes and pubs invite to rest a while during side seeing or shopping. Theater, a sportsarena completes the contribution of Aachen to a promising region for living.

Traffic junction Würselen

Würselen supplies chances, space to expand and a growing economy. The ‘Aachener Kreuz’ is both the important traffic junction of five highways and an developing modern industrial area. New highway exits will improve the local infrastructure. In addition, a local train service is planed to link the Aachener Kreuz and the city of Würselen with the city of Aachen.

Airfield Merzbrück

The existing airfield will be shifted by several hundred meters to giv room for a new industrial area called ‘Aachen-Merzbrück’. Simultaneously this airfield will be prepared for the use of small business air planes for a quick shuttle service to the international airports or to the cities of Germany.

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