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History of Würselen

Part One "History of a City" (Geschichte einer Stadt) of the book “Würselen” describes in a compact yet sufficiently detailed way the development of the city of Würselen until the mid-1960s. The present essay is a translation of the original text from 1968. The wording there is often typical German. Complex nested sentences prevail. Even a native German speaker may read some sentences twice to get the clou.

Nevertheless, this treatise on Würselen’s history is the best I know if one wants to learn something about Würselen’s background. It is entertaining and full of little stories about the living in a small village close to Aachen in the Middle Age.

Poor English

Due to the complex German, the Mircrosoft WORD™ translation tool yields an English that often did not hit the point. Even after making necessary changes by the present author it may be painful for the native English speaker to read the result. And I admit, I did not do my very best because it would take a lot of time to shorten the sentences, rearrange the statements and improve the wording. I am pretty sure that anyone who is interested in the history of Würselen will enjoy the information and contents ignoring the bad English.


A lot of changes were made to the format to get it ready for the web. No columns anymore, more paragraphs and the introduction of notes will hopefully make it easier to read it on a screen. The included drawings still have the original background of the whole text. Some links provide more information on some contents from other sources on the web.


Please observe the copyright and the citation remarks on the authors and on the editor on the relevant extra page.

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