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Maps are sources of 'history'

If you are interested in the history of Würselen, you can't avoid old maps. This includes maps of the city from earlier times, but of course also historical maps of the surrounding area, on which Würselen is depicted.

Today, maps are 'geo-referenced'. This means that you can specify a coordinate in a map coordinate system and always arrive at the same point. We are used to navigation systems and their maps, which provide many details that lead us to our destination. Behind this is a highly developed cartography, which gets its quality from satellite images or overflights. This is not the case with historical maps. 'Land surveying' was in its infancy. Maps were drawn and colored by hand. So you need a bit of imagination to interpret such maps. Recently, the Land Surveying Offices have begun to map old maps to modern coordinate systems. That's certainly a big help.

More maps wanted ...

webWürselen offers you a first access to historical maps. If the enthusiasm grows, the archives are waiting to discover more maps. webWürselen is grateful for any further references to all the maps that are found.

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