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Planned as early as the 1960s, this booklet was first printed in 16 copies in 1998 in "Homework" on a PC. In 1999, the found printing errors were eliminated, the booklet was extended by more than 20 text and picture pages and again printed on the PC, but now in 35 copies. In 2000, another 30 pieces followed, then the PC crashed, and all the data were lost.

However, since I was asked again and again for "esue e Böchsje", I entered the text and scanned the pictures into the new computer in the winter 2003/2004, also adding some photos. However, the booklet is still a pure amateur work, produced without support by advertisers or sponsors.

Special thanks are to be paid to the "Dörpsjonge" Rudi Mohren and "FJS " Franz-Josef Soquat for their well-done contributions as well as Mrs. Ida Linden from Ofden for the Broichtal-Guide. Hubert Plum from the Broicher Siedlung helped in an unselfish way with upcoming computer questions, especially with scanning the image material.

I would like to thank the broich monastery for the frequent friendly support, as well as the "settler girls" from the house of Küffen and Klaus Wehren from the End, who helped diligently in the "search for persons".

A heartfelt thank you also to Mr. Harmuth from Aachen, who brought the first two editions so carefully "e Fazoun", and to Mrs. Rong-Küppers from Krugenofen, who has been giving my work the right frame for several years.

But my dear wife Agnes deserves the great thanks, who accompanied with a great deal of patience and understanding both the creation and the further development of the booklet.

And now: have fun reading!

Please, observe the copyright of Albert Johnen
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