Wappen WürselenThe main chapter 'History' tells something about the development of Würselen from the first finding of settlement up to the city of Würselen of today. The way of Würselen through history is closely linked to the history of Aachen or the 'Aachener Reich', respectively. As a member of the 'Quarters over Worm', the releation betweeen the villages that are making up Würselen today was (and is) Im Hauptkapitel 'Geschichte' a little bit stressed. The pages of this chapters let you how life and politics developed in the Middle Ages and how Würselen became a city.

20170409 geoportalnrw laermFirst of all, there is a short overview which put together the main facts. With  kind permission of the City of Würselen, WebWürselen presents in part the translation of  books that the city administrationpublished on its history. Please observe the relevant copyright hints. There are interesting drawings and pictures that completes the treatises.

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