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Kaiserstraße 78, 1926

House Kaiserstraße 78 in 1926. On the ground floor drugstore Josef Großmann, who also worked as a photographer and from whom some pictures of this book come.

On the first floor was the practice of the physician Dr. Gottfried Großmann. In the shop today is bookstore of Martin Schulz.

Page 41 - The cinema does not exist anymore.


Cinema in Bahnhofstrasse (today Lindenstraße)

In the 1930s, Würselens moviegoers visited the cinema in Bahnhofstrasse (today's Lindenstraße, Kuckertz/Tillmann area).

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Konsum Kaiserstraße

Specialist shop of the consumer association “Eintracht” Würselen, lower Kaiserstraße, in the early 1930s.

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Former post office in 43, Kaiserstraße

“The new post office building is finished in the shell”, the daily newspaper reported on 13 June 1901, and a little later it was said: “From that point on (1 October 1901) the post office is located in the new building Neuer Weg 63c”. The picture shows the ground floor of this former post office building around 1930 with the couple Laurenz Kahlen. By 1928, the mail had moved into the building on Lindenplatz, and in Haus Kaiserstraße 43 (meanwhile, the street name and numbering had changed) there was now a grocery store, as is still the case today (food Carduck).

Page 44 - May the address is wrog in the map.


Cabinetmaking Kaiserstraße 10

Pictured around 1912: Furniture workshop. Nik. Kopp, Kaiserstraße 10

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Lindenplatz 1921

Lindenplatz/Bissen 1921

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Bahnhostraße seen from the railway station

View from the train station into Bahnhofstrasse, 1921.

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Salmanusplatz 1910

Drisch, Salmanusplatz circa 1910 with old Cross.

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Old Town Hall during construction

The old town hall (Provinzialstraße, now Kaiserstraße) under construction. The foundation stone was laid on 11 June 1904. County architect van Kann had drawn up the plans, contractor Rüben had been entrusted with the earth and shell construction work. Many companies from Würselen, Aachen, but also cities further afield, such as Cologne, contributed to the completion.

The picture shows, among other things, Mayor Schaeffer (standing behind the hedge on the left).

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Old Town Hall 1921

Town Hall in 1921. Built between 1904 and 1905, it was expanded as early as 1912.


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