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Collection of data


Deutscher Wetterdienst DWDAll climate data were taken from the relevant tables of the Deutschen Wetterdienst (DWD) (The governmental weather service in Germany). The data are used according to the Opendata-License of the DWD. webWürselen analyzed the specific data of the weather records of the stations near Aachen. Since 1851, the DWD changed the location and the way how to measure and collect the data of the station relevant for the region. The following analysis relies on three of these stations that provide the data to show the long-term temperature and precipitation time history from 1851 to 2020.



MeteoR - Program to collect and present weather data

The dedicated program MeteoR was used to read the data from the database and compiled the various data into a single data row. (MeteoR can do a lot more than reading. Its main purpose is to acquire windroses for sound level predictions using the so-called TA Lärm, the main directive in Germany to assess noise load from installtions. (c) Cervus Consult GmbH, Karl-Wilhelm Hirsch)



Since 1851, monthly averaged temperature and precipitation data are available. From 1918 to 1930 no data are provided. The curves of lowest and highest temperatures of the years and the yearly sum of precipitation are done by MeteoR.



1851 to 2020 average monthly temperature


1851 to 2020 lowest and highest monthly temperature



1851 to 2020 monthly precipitation

1851 to 2020 yearly sum of precipitation

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