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In his book "A Little Song of Memories" the author and editor Albert Johnen tells his personal story, which is closely, even very closely connected with Linden-Neusen.

The book has never been published in a commercial sense. Albert Johnen wrote everything himself, layout the book and provided his family, his friends and his acquaintances with copies printed small edition. Rather by chance - as it is typical for village life at the barber - I became aware of the book and soon also hold a copy of the "A Little Song of Memories" in my hands. It thrilled me. There was a look at the history of Linden-Neusen, which describes the life in Linden-Neusen in the 30s and 40s of the last century from a passionately personal point of view .  

Who lived in the houses of Linden-Neusen at that time? How did you grow up then? Where did you go shopping and how did you get rid of the garbage in a village that was the center of the world for a boy. Family life gave a halt, the bourgeois and village habits gave life a barrier.

Albert Johnen is not only a boy and a man of his time, but also a Linden-Neusener, who masters the dialect and remembers old streets and hall names, when he describes the paths through the village. When he characterizes people, mundane names come into play, which make the "song of memories" authentic even for outsiders. It is highly recommended to get involved in his narrative style in order to get into the surely personal memories of the generally revealing information, which is relevant for Linden-Neusen.

English translation

Of course, the style cannot be saved into English. This would require a native speaker with a sense of localkolorit. But the English translation shows a lot of the style of the author in the sometimes painstakingly choice of words and the sentence construction, which is closely based on the original. In any case, that is what the translator hopes.

The book contains many images and also tables that cannot or may not be show up on the Web. There are many pictures of people, complete lists of classmates. Reference must be made here to the original.

Rudolf Mohren

It is particularly regrettable that even pen drawings by Rudolf Mohren cannot be reproduced here. Mr Johnen has his explicit permission to use then in his book. However, this is clearly not sufficient for the presentation at webWürselen. Since we have not yet been able to locate the current rights holder, the following preview of the images in the smallest format on this page may result in us getting in touch.


 mohren1960 1mohren1960 2mohren1966 1mohren1966 2mohren1984 1

Preview of the drawings of Linden-Neusen by R. Mohren from the middle of the 20th century



When preparing the book for the web, we follow the page breakdown in the book. Since many pictures have to be missing, this is only done roughly. The preparation is not complete and will continue on long winter evenings.



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