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How many inhabitants has Würselen?



Where is this monument?


Friedrich I. Barbarossa

Where does the Kaninsberg get its name from?




Barbarossa Leuchter im Aachener Dom
Barbarossa Candlesticks in Aachen Cathedral

When was Emperor Barbarossa in Würselen?



Arrange the distances (as the crow flies) from Würselen to its twin towns ascending:



What is the 'Pritsche' (in Würselen)?



What is the average temperature in Würselen during the last years?

Klima in Würselen



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When visited the Tour de France Würselen?


taken from the series Würselen on fire

Do You know this building, which was a ruine before 2018?


Check the correct statements.


If it is 9 pm in the twin city of Würselen Ruichang, it is in Würselen ...


The taditional 'Maisingen' starts ...



Burg Wilehlmstein
Burg Wilhemstein

What was the 'Burg Wilhelmstein'?



Pfarrkirch St. Sebastian
Church St. Sebastian

Is the church St. Sebastian ('Würselener Dom') older than 'Kölner Dom'?


Check the coat of arms of Bardenberg.


The old cloister in the centre of Würselen is today ...



What holds for the climate Würselen.

There may be some answers to be correct!




If You throw a little wooden stick into the Wisselsbach, it will finally reach the reach the Noth sea, via ...

The Wisselbach is a little stream in Würslen that leads to the river Worm.


Gemälde einer ZigarrenfabrikIn former times, Würselen was know because of its ...


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What neighbourhood does the picture show?

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