As time goes by, websites tend to become more an more complex. 'Strolling' through WebWürselen and following some external links may be exciting ... may be you are lost after some clicks. Therefore, webWürselen offers some tools helping you to find back or search for the information you desire.

The top row of each webpage of webWürselen provides a field that offers a full-text-search within the whole webWürselen.


Tags are the second possibility to realign or find particular information. Normally, one or more tags are assigned to each page. Using this concept, the tag may lead back to a collection of pages that may be relevant.


Links to other sites in the WWW are very helpful to go into detail and find information on a particular topic. webWürselen widely uses external links to guide the visitors to these sites. Having the collection of external links in a condensed list, may help you to find the right link.

The weblinks are assign to different categories which are obvious.