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ufomitwappenThe World Wide Web is the hub of our human nutshell in the universe. Before landing on earth in their flying saucers, even the aliens will probably search the web to find out the best landing place. What, if they cannot find Würselen in an appropriate language.

And what if they cannot read about the beauties of our city and the cultural life here: They will land elsewhere and get nowhere. Hence, this web is for aliens, in particular for terrestrial aliens who want to explore life in and around the city of Würselen ...


Indeed, searching the web is today the first what people do to find out information on anything or getting into contact to anyone. This applies to both the private and the public life. Therefore, a web site in business or for public institutions the modern showcase for the presentation of goods and services.

Also cities and even small towns use the web to provide its citizens with information and services. These 'official' web sites focus on administration and provide eGoverment features. Hence, these web sites aim primarily at the citizens of the community or city.

The web site WebWürselen has a different aim: It is meant to be a virtual gate through which non-Würselener may find access to our city. It is a web design by Würseleners for "strangers", aliens so to say, who want to explore Würselen.

This purpose requires the initial presentation of the content in several languages. This target audience requires a different approach than the authorities of the city of Wuerselen must pursue on their web presence.


WebWürselen focus on the following audience

• citizens of our sister cities who want to learn more about their German twin town
• Former Würselener who want to maintain contact with their old home
• individuals and companies who want to install a linguistically appropriate link to Würselen on their own pages.
• tourists from other countries who want to visit the Meuseland and learn about Würselen
• Founders and companies who want to learn about the benefits to run their business in Wuerselen
• Würselener who want to see their city from a different angle
• Anyone looking for links to other sites on Wuerselen, its culture, its history and its peculiarities

Timeliness of Content

The actuality of WebWürselen is not defined by daily reference. Many topics are static. This web site is meant to grow steadily over time depending of the time the volunteering aothors can spent on articles and data collection.

WebWürselen is not political and not a showcase of the local economy. The content of the pages is determined by the initiators and authors.

Hub of the UnsiverseWürselen in Europe

The authors are convinced that Würselen is the hub of the universe. We now that this is a strange approach; you don't need to take it serously neither do we.


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