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Quartiere over WormQuarters over Worm
Quarter Würselen: green, Quarter Weiden: yellow, Quarter Haaren: turquoise
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The Aachen Empire consisted of 7 quarters (historic districts). Three of these quarters were seen from Aachen 'over Worm'. Namely, you have to cross the worm to reach it. These quarters had more self-determination.
Important in the division is the affiliation of the quarters to the respective deanery or the diocese. The three quarters over Worm did not belong to the Diocese of Liège but to the Diocese of Cologne. At that time, when canon law played a major role, a big difference. More about the Quarters ...

 Quarter / District Residents Pfarre; Deanary Diocese
(ummauerte Stadt,
 24.228 St. Foilan
St. Peter
St. Jacob
St. Adalbert 
 Maastricht Lüttich

 Berger Quartier
Soerser Quartier



 Orsbacher Quartier  303  Orsbach
 Vaalser Quartier  474  Vaels
 Haarener Quartier  1203  Haaren  Jülich  Köln
 Weidener Quartier  1719  Weiden
 Würselener Quartier   1684  Würselen

The quarters of the Aachen Empire
Number of inhabitants, Affiliation to the deanery and the diocese

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