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This page is dedicated to an arial photograph of Würselen (in the context of today this is the center of Würselen and the Bardenberg district in the background). The arial image dates back to the 1950ties or a litte bit later. The postcard has a size of 13 cm x 10 cm. Without a mganifier, it is nearly impossible to find details.

The postcard was scanned with the highest resolution available. The following figures shows different display windows and zooms. To ease orientation, there is a copy of the arial photograph with keys on it. These keys indicate certain landmarks listed in table.

The Original

Luftbild von Würselen, ca. 1950

Postcard showing an arial photo of Würselen ca. 1950
(private property, publication declassified through the 'Minister für Wirtschaft und Verkehr des Landes Nordrhein-Westfalen', Number CR 4191)

Click on the image to show a high resolution (UHD) image of the picture in a new browser page.

Display windows


luftbild1950 nw 800

Display window nothwesterly quarter


luftbild1950 sw 800

Display window southwesterly quarter


luftbild1950 so 800

Display window southeastly quarter


luftbild1950 so 800

Display window northeastly quarter


Landmarken zum Luftbild 1950

Arial photograph with keys to landmarks
Meaning see the following table

Click on the image to show a high resolution (UHD) image of the picture in a new browser page.

1     Church St. Sebastian
2   Kaiserstraße
3   Cemetry
4   Haaler Straße 
5   Ankerstraße
 6   Oppener Straße
 7   Wilhelmstraße
 8   Railway station/ Begin Bahnhofstraße, Konsumgesellschaft
9   Hühnerwinkel
10   Wiesenhof
11   Lime heap Solvey factory (Elchenrather / Kreuzstraße
12   Lindenplatz
13   Sports ground Rhenania Würselen
14   School Friedrichstraße
15   Kreuzstraße
16   Aachener / Krefelder Straße
17   Klosterstraße
18    School Klosterstraße
19   Cloister / Residential home for the elderly
20   Morsbacher Straße
21   Water tower Bardenberg
22   Pit Gouley
23   Neuhäuser Straße
24   Bissener Straße

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